Befriending Service

Since the start of the Pandemic Dreamshine, staff and volunteers have supported over 340 local residents via our Telephone Befriending Service. 

Covid-19 has hit people hard, and we have been humbled by the demand for our service.

What is a Telephone Befriending Service?

Everyone needs a friend.

However, for many people, Covid-19 means that they are increasingly lonely and isolated as they are forced to shield at home alone.

Our Telephone Befrienders provide a lifeline to those feeling lonely, isolated, and in need of basic human contact.

Whether it is chatting about everyday things, hobbies, interests, the things that make us laugh. It might be that we just listen if someone needs to vent or offload. Our amazing team is here to support you. We are here for you when you need us the most.

Am I eligible for Telephone Befriending

While we are here to support people across North East England and have service users from across the region, our primary focus is on North Tyneside and Newcastle Upon Tyne.

If you are lonely and would like a regular chat, then please contact us on 0300 3658554.

Our friendly team is available to provide support 7 x days per week, 365 days per year.

Is there a charge for your telephone befriending service?

No. Dreamshine is a social enterprise, and thanks to funding that we have received, our telephone befriending service is free of charge.

(Calls to our 0300 number may be charged at local rates -depending on your network provider).

However, we are always happy to call you if you do not wish to call us.

Contact us, and a friendly team member will call to complete the registration process.

Can I make a referral?

Yes, if you are a professional or feel that a friend or family member would benefit from some support you are welcome to contact our team.

befriending service

Please do keep in touch with us either contact us if you would like support or please connect with us on Facebook